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    Jellycup mix
    Jellycup mix

    Jellycups are an excellent food source for isopods, millipedes, cockroaches, ant, beetles, landsnails, gecko's and more.

    € 0,40
  • Dried food 50 gram
    Dried food 50 gram

    This self made dry food mix is a varied food source made from dried animals and sticks from high quality. This mix is also used here for feeding our breeding stock of isopods and turles. It's filled with protein and that makes it…

    € 2,95
  • Springtail food 100 gram
    Springtail food 100 gram

    Dit droogvoer in poedervorm is perfect voer voor de springstaart kweek, maar ook uitermate geschikt voor pissebedden. Hier word het ook gebruikt voor onze eigen springstaart soorten en trichorhina soorten, met zeer goede…

    € 2,95
  • Sepia 15/20cm
    Sepia 15/20cm

    Sepia is an amazing nature product that stems from sepia squids. It's filled with calcium and therefor perfect for the species that need this for building and maintaining their exoskeleton and or shield. Animals that need this…

    € 0,95
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